AliClad | Aluminium Balcony Soffit Cladding from AliDeck

Non-combustible, quick to fit, completely encapsulated free-draining water-management solution, that has been innovated for steel fabricators.

Delivering fast & efficient removal of rainwater and other liquids, for steel bolt-on balconies, slide-on balconies & walkways.

‘Off The Shelf’ Soffit Drainage System

Enabling off-the-shelf soffit drainage specification, with AliClad there is no longer a need for bespoke folded sheet-metal or custom flat panels.

With the three simple components that make up the AliClad system, effective soffit-drainage solutions are quick and easy to factor in to steel balcony design, saving valuable time and labour in fabrication and removing the need for folding machines or punch tools.

AliClad is a modular and configurable system, designed with steel fabricators in mind. Effectively a channel drain, the AliClad System comprises of;

  • Flat, interlocking structural-grade aluminium soffit/fascia panel

  • Unique aluminium starter trim

  • Innovative aluminium soffit gutter

  • Click images to enlarge CAD examples

Why Choose AliClad?

  • Innovative modular design

  • Lightweight, sectional off-the-shelf product designed for easy install

  • Manufactured from aluminium so no potential for rust, corrosion or rot

  • Minimalist flat design

  • Ridging sections can be installed up to 6m in length and infinite length

  • Effective control and redirection of rainwater and other liquids

Designed with Fabricators & Installers in Mind!

The soffit gutter is installed around the perimeter of the balcony framework structure using standard M8 bolts and acts as a cassette to accept the linear interlocking soffit panel aluminium extrusions. Once you have installed the gutters, simply slide the soffit extrusions into the gutter profiles along the balcony structure, fixing the final gutter onto the side once you have all the soffit panels in place, et voila!

If the vertical aspect of the AliClad System is required on the balcony fascia, the starter trim can be used to secure the AliClad panels in place, simply install the starter trim and interlock the panel extrusions into it.

With the AliClad soffit installed with a pitch to 1 degree (maximum pitch of 1/60), effective water run-off is more than adequately provided and allows efficient drainage.

The outlet detail in the AliClad gutter is formed as a series of punched holes along the lower edge of the gutter profile, cleanly evacuating collected liquids along the front edge of the balcony.

Alternatively, the AliClad soffit can be pitched back towards the building and into a gutter to divert collected liquids to the building’s water-management system or rainwater pipes.

The team behind AliClad and AliDeck combine more than 50 years experience in the construction industry and have co-developed a complete range of aluminium quick fit, easy to install products to enable installation crews around the globe to be on and off site as fast and efficiently as possible with no call backs.

Speed up your next project with AliClad and AliDeck… and build a safer environment for everyone, using non-combustible fire-resistant aluminium building products – contact us now for more details.

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